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Security Survey: Clear Water Bay - Part 2 of 3

Part one recap: In part one, we shared and discussed some low quality installation and careless design on floodlights, security cameras, and infra-red motion sensors. Let's continue! Part two: false sense of security This gate shown in the photo was a back door that was not very frequently used, but nonetheless served the same purpose as the main entrance as long as security was concerned. So was there anything wrong with this gate? Short answer: Plenty. Long answer: 1) Start from the top. The protruding spike wires were severed and significantly rusted. That showed lack of maintenance and limited attention by residents; thus posed a low level of psychological deterrence, weak physical denia

Is someone hidden studying your site?

We came across many burglary case studies learned from partners and law enforcement officers. Almost all cases showed premeditated efforts by criminals in: 1) site vulnerabilities study 2) occupants daily routines 3) occupants travelling schedule 4) security staff routines and shift details 5) non-criminal act for security testing The study period could last from 2 weeks to 2 months case by case. Now the security management of the site is one comprehensive effort, and detection of rogue attempt in site study is another. Prudent and consistent effort of the security staff, which is rare in our observed reality, is vital in early detection of criminal site study. Making your site difficult to

Strange taste in my water?

We recently met a long time lock specialist friend of an European brand over coffee. The meeting was intended for general catch up and for us to learn more about the latest locking solutions. When normal business was done, we started chatting casually. When inquired if there are anything interesting happening in the market, we learned something new! The casual question resulted in a new security perspective for us. There was this residential high-rise building, and residents were reporting their water had some strange taste. Facility management completed a routine check and finally found that there was a dead human body in the water tank on the roof - for an unknowingly long period of time.

Can I depend on my real estate security?

For us in living in Hong Kong, the month of November has received four high profile burglary cases against luxurious resident: 1. Tai Po - Constellation Cove 滌濤山 2. Repulse Bay - Monte Verde 南山別墅 3. Kowloon Tong - Sunderland Estate 新德園 4. Stanley - Stanley Crest Total loss claims amounted to over $5 million Hong Kong dollars. The full title of this blog should have read: "Can I depend my life, my family, and my asset to the security provided by my real estate?" Yes, you can, but not totally. You cannot totally depend on your real estate security is not because your management company does not care about you. The reason is about how security is considered and funded differently by management

Security Survey: Clear Water Bay - Part 1 of 3

Introduction: Guardian Forest Security decided to start doing site surveys on areas that are likely targets for criminals. We believe that real life situations can give guidance to security professionals and increase family awareness on the real risks that they are facing. This time we chose Clear Water Bay because it had been a hot spot for burglary. We were glad with our choosing because the amount of security issues that we discovered were astonishing. In order to make this security report reader friendly, we will present our key findings in three parts. Part one: low quality installation Photo 1: Exposed security camera cabling. Photo 2: More exposed security camera cabling. Photo 3: Inf

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