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Is someone hidden studying your site?

We came across many burglary case studies learned from partners and law enforcement officers. Almost all cases showed premeditated efforts by criminals in:

1) site vulnerabilities study

2) occupants daily routines

3) occupants travelling schedule

4) security staff routines and shift details

5) non-criminal act for security testing

The study period could last from 2 weeks to 2 months case by case.

Now the security management of the site is one comprehensive effort, and detection of rogue attempt in site study is another.

Prudent and consistent effort of the security staff, which is rare in our observed reality, is vital in early detection of criminal site study.

Making your site difficult to study and prevent your site from being a target does not always mean large financial investment. One of the easiest and cheapest effort is basic housekeeping:

1) Repair broken fences or chipping walls

2) Remove excessive vegetation

3) Remove unnecessary objects to minimise hiding place

4) Low traffic area floor sweeping

5) Randomised security tour time and frequency

We see some sites that are very crime inviting; try not to be one of them. Review your site security at least annually with your security consultant.

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