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Security Principle

There are many myths out there that hinder security effectiveness and sometimes even create a false sense of security.  The following are the seven principles that we adhere.

Principle 1.
There is no such thing as absolute security. We strive for optimally managed risks.


Principle 2.
All security disciplines shall be considered holistically - physical, IT, cyber, personnel, & information

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Principle 3.
Elements of security measure includes: prevent, deter, deny, detect, and delay.


Principle 4.

Security measures effectiveness, regardless of type, will be as effective as the human response.

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Principle 5.

There is no good or bad technology; only correct or wrong application.


Principle 6.

Prudent risk management purges complacency and fear-mongering.

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Principle 7.

Client and consultant trust is critical in our security effort.

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Not sure where to start your security effort?

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