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Are safes safe?

It was reported in the news, and we had personal encounters: safes were removed from their installed place, opened by force, and valuables inside stolen. All security measures, when given enough time, will be compromised. Safe by itself cannot be effective unless there is surrounding support measures to decrease the respond time low enough that the crime cannot be completed on time. If the crime cannot be completed on time, often times it will not be committed at all. In worst case scenario, where the crime was committed, early detection is key to minimise loss and maximise asset recovery.

To wireless or not to wireless?

Wireless technology of anything offers convenience in the expense of reliability. Here are the expenses: 1) AC powered wireless device still needs power cabling and that defeats the entire convenience advantage. 2) Battery powered device, especially in outdoor environment, is less reliable and poses a much higher maintenance pressure, which is much more than simply replacing dying batteries. 3) Wireless devices also pose unnecessary logical security risks by exposing security network to the untrusted. 4) Wireless devices require additional backend system support and thus adds to the overall cost and future maintenance pressure. Our principle, in our mission critical security function, in app

Cloud computing for security

Cloud is not a new technology and is quite simply a marketing buzz word. Computing has been using the “cloud” concept since the very early days when one computer mainframe was the size of multiple rooms to today's portable laptops that can do banking and instant messaging online. For example, when you checked your web email say 10 years ago. You were using the "cloud". There are email service hosting software residing in multiple servers all over the world serving your email needs. Now the very same concept applies to security platform software. There are servers hosting your security software in multiple servers across the globe. So, is it good to use cloud for my security needs? As always,

CCTV or IP Camera?

What is the difference between CCTV camera and IP camera? CCTV stands for closed circuit television. We still use it today, and we consider CCTV to be a traditional technology. Network (IP) camera is the mainstream technology today. Network camera dominates the market because of its superior performance in terms of video resolution, add-on software functions, and deployment flexibility. CCTV still holds one technological advantage that network camera cannot overcome, and that is lag-free video transmission: 1) CCTV cameras transmit video footage in analogue signal and connect directly to the recorder. 2) Network camera has to spend time digitising, transmitting through network switches, and

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