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When can I legally arrest someone?

In Hong Kong, there is a law that empowers any person to arrest another person under circumstances described by the law. Chapter 221: Criminal Procedure Ordinance The key word in this section is "arrestable offence". That means you cannot arrest whenever you suspect any offence. What is an arrestable offence? Arrestable offence is defined under Chapter 1: Interpretation and General Clauses Ordinance. The bottom lines: 1) Use the least amount of force necessary 2) Call police as soon as possible 3) The spirit of the law is to prevent crime or minimise damage dealt by the crime.

Learned something new: Palm Vein Reader

Introduction: Biometric reader that reads vein of your body used to be large in size and difficult for the users. However, we were introduced a product that has the good of a vein reader and addressed the size and usability issues. Palm Vein Reader (PVR) reads the vein on the inside of your palm, translates the biometric data into digital information, and stores the digital signature for later verification use. Highlights: 1) Easy for users. Presenting your palm is quite a natural move for a human body. 2) No more access cards. Staff will never lose a card again. 3) Access will be genuine. Staff can no longer badge-in for someone else. 4) Sidestep the fingerprint privacy issue. Many countrie

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