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Learned something new: Palm Vein Reader


Biometric reader that reads vein of your body used to be large in size and difficult for the users. However, we were introduced a product that has the good of a vein reader and addressed the size and usability issues.

Palm Vein Reader (PVR) reads the vein on the inside of your palm, translates the biometric data into digital information, and stores the digital signature for later verification use.


1) Easy for users. Presenting your palm is quite a natural move for a human body.

2) No more access cards. Staff will never lose a card again.

3) Access will be genuine. Staff can no longer badge-in for someone else.

4) Sidestep the fingerprint privacy issue. Many countries or regions has strict or, at best, vague rules on fingerprint collection.

5) Contactless operation. No more hygiene problem with contact device such as fingerprint readers.


1) The price is much higher when compared to traditional card readers.

2) The size of the reader is still up to 50% larger than a typical card reader.

3) More cabling and backend equipment are needed for such readers.


This technology strikes a good balance amongst robust verification, usability, and deployment ease.

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