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Strange taste in my water?

We recently met a long time lock specialist friend of an European brand over coffee. The meeting was intended for general catch up and for us to learn more about the latest locking solutions.

When normal business was done, we started chatting casually. When inquired if there are anything interesting happening in the market, we learned something new!

The casual question resulted in a new security perspective for us. There was this residential high-rise building, and residents were reporting their water had some strange taste.

Facility management completed a routine check and finally found that there was a dead human body in the water tank on the roof - for an unknowingly long period of time.

Facility management investigated and reacted. Now all roof top water tank are properly secured with locks and video surveillance.

In hindsight, facility management reacted properly, but since the incident did occur, there would inevitably be consequences for the management company due to negligence.

It was quite a singular case, but it reminded us again that we cannot afford to be complacent about our security.

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