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Work Sharing: Product Design Leak Investigation


GFS recently worked on a case to investigate a product design leak happened at a factory in China. Someone, most probably a staff of the factory, posted to online social media a photo of an unreleased, still confidential, product design.

The investigation was very challenging because almost everyone would, despite being against company security policy, carry with them camera equipped smartphones inside the factory area.


The business could suffer significant loss in terms of design investment committed and counterfeiters entering the market even before the original product designer.


1. Design prototype tracing desktop study

2. Staff interviews

3. Security system log examination

4. Video search aided by artificial intelligence

5. Inventory handling procedures review


Several suspects were identified likely to be involved or even cooperated in this incident. Some key area were not covered by video surveillance and thus the investigation could not be narrowed down further.


1. Add video coverage with decent resolution in several strategic location.

2. Senior management to commit and enforce company security policy from top to bottom.

3. Minimise the number of access points at the factory perimeter level in order to effectively enforce quality access control.

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