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Helping Hands

Free Service 2023

In the past 3 years, many of us faced hardship in work and life due to civil unrest, economic downturn, and pandemic restrictions. During that difficult time, criminal took advantage of and profited from our vulnerabilities.


In upholding our company vision, GFS is pleased to offer in the year 2023 security management review service free of charge to those that are most vulnerable. The service covers both physical (e.g. physical access control) and logical security (e.g. cybersecurity).

Organisation types listed below are eligible* for this free service.


Non-profit Organisation

e.g.: charity, community service or NGOs.

School Building

Educational Institute

e.g.: schools, special education, universities, etc.

Open Sign

Start-up Company

The company shall be fewer than 5 years old and face real security risks.

Medical Center

Child & Elderly Care

e.g.: child day care, elderly home, or special needs centre.

White House with Lights


You were a victim of a crime with loss of over $100,000 US dollars.



If you do not belong to the types mentioned, please feel free to explain your unique situation to us.

*GFS has complete discretion on who can receive this free service.

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