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Video Surveillance can be overrated

We have been noticing a general impression about the perceived effectiveness of video surveillance. That impression is that if my site is under 24-hours surveillance, my site is safe.

In reality, the whole crime can be recorded on good quality video, but the video footage will not help you deter the criminals nor will it help you identifying them.

It is quite simple if you think about it. If I wear a mask, break in, steal valuables, and escape; all done within 15 minutes.

As always, a concerted effort of security shall be employed in order for your site to be resilience when under attack. Here are some common precautions:

1) The video camera must be installed at a protected place that is difficult for tampering.

2) Cabling for data and power cannot be exposed and must be housed in good quality cable containment.

3) The video camera shall be capable of noticing view angle change and generate alarm when it happens.

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