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Does Facial Recognition help my security?

Security management involves applying technology to support overall risk mitigation efforts.


Before answering the title question, let's consider the following:

1) What assets are at risks? (people, property, information, and goodwill)

2) What are the existing vulnerabilities? (access control, identity verifications, surveillance, etc) 3) How capable are the threat sources? (honest, opportunistic, professional, etc)

The above considerations help businesses to make informed decision if facial recognition is the correct choice.


When selecting amongst solution providers, the following are important factors:

1) Performance (e.g. seconds per recognition)

2) Limitation (e.g. pixel and light source requirement)

3) Reference (e.g. local and international track record)

4) Support (e.g. local representation team quality)

5) Cost (e.g. initial investment and maintenance)

Bottom Line:

The initial assessment by management and final adoption by frontline are both critical to ensure valuable resource are invested in worthwhile projects.

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