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Learned something new: Mobile Badge Verification

Attended a product showcase on a well known security platform:


The feature that we found useful was the ability to, via a smartphone, scan and verify a badge's credential and immediately determine if the badge owner has valid access to the current location.


  1. Staff are issued credential in the form of a physical badge

  2. Guards are equipped with smartphone that has the mobile application installed

  3. Guard, either fixed post or on patrol, can determine access or check for valid credential at any location by scanning the badge.


  1. How much information are printed on the staff badge are debatable. Too much information would create potential security vulnerability

  2. Guards shall be trained to properly engage a staff whom was suspected of illegal access. Staff could be at the wrong location by accident.


This feature will assist security operation by introducing an efficient way to validate if any given badge holder has the access right to be at the location.

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