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Burglary: how difficult is it to protect your home?

In short, not at all.

You just need to know what burglars are thinking.

Burglars are simple - they want to reap the highest reward while exposed to the lowest risk.

Step one:

Lower the reward, and lower the perception for reward; important but often neglected. Store less valuables and try to live a low profile life.

Step two:

Increase the risk. Burglars' worst enemy is time. Time allows security response to arrive.

Your best strategy: Delay

Delay your burglar at where they will attack, and the number one target is - Windows. Install sturdy windows with a strong frame, thick glass, and reinforced bolt. What kind of windows are suitable depends on each unique situation, but at least you know where to invest.

Examples that we encountered at a recent security trade show:

Photo 1: Timber door with internal metal frame

Photo 2: Sturdy window with internal metal frame

Photo 3: Reinforced locking bolt

Step three:

Shut and lock your windows when you are not home.


The three-step process aimed to give an immediately useful advice to any home owners. There is also a detection element in addition to the delay strategy. For a professional review of your potential threats and security risks, speak to a trusted security consultant.

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