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Private Club Member Experience Enhancement

In 2018, we consulted a prestigious private club to improve its front entrance security. The club had 300 staff and 3000 active members.

The challenge was when there were on-site events, bursts of traffic would enter the facility. Security staff had no effective means to maintain control.

The solution needed was a security measure that would verify access automatically, maintain club image, and enhance member experience.

The consultation involved existing documents study, site surveys, and staff interviews. The followings were considered to ensure a robust design:

1. Existing access cards revision mapping

2. Fuse spur location

3. Space constrains and wheelchair access

4. New card readers compatibility

5. Existing software capacity

6. Ad-hoc card issuance station

7. Cable containment routing

Having an independent consultant to do advance planning will allow your future security operation to be compatible with overall business objectives.

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