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Ten years ago, a club lost a court case.


On March 2007, there was a case (HCPI 511/2005) on the high court between Fanny Ng, the plaintiff, and the Hong Kong Golf Club, the defendant.

What happened:

Ms Ng was employed by the Golf Club in its restaurant at the Fan Ling golf course. She says that on 4 June 2002, at about 2 p.m. she slipped and fell while descending a staircase, carrying a large bag of laundry, thereby suffering a back injury. She now brings proceedings for personal injury damages.

Judgement (excerpts):

It follows that the Golf Club have failed to maintain a safe means of ingress and egress from the kitchen and must be liable for the consequences of the accident suffered by Ms Ng.

Final Compensation - HKD $1,318,932


That actual incident happened approximately 15 years ago, so in today's terms, the compensation could be well over three millions Hong Kong dollars.

What we have learned from this court case is that no organisations can neglect the details, and the only way to uncover all the ticking and hidden time bombs is to routinely review site security and have in place proper security policy for incident reporting.

Organisations who do not take security seriously do not only lose money, they also tarnish their hard earned brand.

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