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Learned something new: ADPRO Super Long Range Motion Sensor

Attended a show & tell type of seminar about a super long range passive infra-red motion detection device.


This Xtralis product is a long range motion sensing device that detects the temperatures difference between object and background.


1) Your site has a long and straight perimeter, and the perimeter needs intrusion detection capability.

2) Your perimeter video coverage needs information to change its view angle for additional security intelligence.

3) Your perimeter is an outdoor environment that would be subject to alarm interference object such as birds and other land animals.


1) This product is able to judge distance of the detected object and categorised them into three zones.

2) This product can be calibrated or maintained by just one technician using a special remote device.

3) This product has an effective range of up to 220 meters.

4) This product has a built-in 3D sensors for detecting sensor angle or position tampering.

5) This product has a built-in sensor for detecting up top one meter behind the sensor for a blind spot free protection.


1) The effectiveness of the device maybe heavily impaired if heavy vegetation is along the perimeter.

2) This product by itself cannot determine how many intruders are incoming. Complementary measures such as video shall be adopted.

3) The perimeter slope angle shall be constant in order for this product to apply well.


This product gives us one more way to cover large area with minimal cost. Nonetheless, your security consultant shall take into consideration of the perimeter unique situation.

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