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Learned something new: Assa Abloy CLIQ-Go

Attended an introductory seminar about ASSA ABLOY's CLIQ-Go solution:


CLIQ-Go is a electronic locking solution aimed for small deployment with flexible key and lock management directly managed by users.


1) Your home has about 5 - 20 places that need to be secured by a lock cylinder. Places could be your front and back door, work desk drawer, lockers, letterbox, etc.

2) You have contractors who frequently visit your home without your supervision. Contractors could be maintenance workers, domestic helpers, gardeners, deliveries, etc.

3) You need to be able to fine-tune which keys are able to access which places at a certain given time slots.


1) This German brand has a long history of uncompromising quality.

2) The deployed solution is user friendly

3) The level of user configurable functions is at an optimal level of detail.

4) Lock cylinders are available in virtually all form profile and types. The solution offer even pad lock for places such as your garage and storage cabinet.

5) User interaction with the system are all able to be done via a smartphone mobile application.


1) If a key is lost, all lock cylinder needs to be re-programmed to prevent unauthorised access.

2) Since all configuration can be done via a smartphone, safeguarding your phone and make sure it is encrypted and locked is important.

3) The solution's trust loop is closed at a magnetic card that is issued by the installer to you. This trust loop has two possible breach: a) the magnetic card is a basic magnetic stripe card, and that technology does not prevent people making copies; b) someone can pretend to be you and ask for a copy from your installer.


Assa Abloy has done a great job in creating a secured and user friendly solution. However, the operation in this entire deployment process, if not managed and monitored properly by a trusted entity, the user will be at risk.


Thank you for your invitation Assa Abloy!

I learned much about the solution from this gentleman coming from Germany. Thanks Johannes!

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