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Security shall be studied discreetly and exhaustively and deployed with robustness and simplicity.
Here is our service scope at a glance.

Living Room Library

Security Consultation

All works start with understanding

  1. Family understanding​: security cannot be designed without understanding of family activities such as routines, lifestyles, and correspondence.

  2. Asset appreciation: understanding what could become a target guides our protection thinking. Tangible property, people, and information are all possible targets.

  3. Site survey: physical conditions of the site and its surroundings, both natural and artificial, are important factors in our security consideration.

  4. Threat, vulnerability, and risk analysis: the study of frequency, probability and impact is what leads to an optimised mitigation strategy mix and subsequently mitigation preparation.


Solution Recommendation and Budgeting

Turn understanding into a feasible and actionable plan

  1. Security systems: this is where the intelligence of the entire system resides. Most commonly is a combination of access control, video surveillance, and intrusion alarm system.

  2. Physical security: this is the bone and muscle of the system. Only this will physically shield you from harm and allow time for help to arrive.

  3. Environmental design: this complements the above, and when done correctly, adds tremendous psychological burden on criminals by making your site difficult to study and helps with the strategy mix of deny, detect, and delay.

  4. Guarding and central alarm monitoring station: often received less attention than deserved, but all security measures eventually rely on effective human response.

  5. Logical Security: your security in the digital world must also be protected. Areas such as wireless network, email, endpoint (e.g. firewall, anti-virus), router, backup are important for your family to safeguard your information assets.

Architecture Model Sketching

Solution Delivery

Invest wisely and make it happen with quality

  1. Tender management: our service ensures that your investment selects the best team in terms of compliance, quality, and cost.

  2. Project management: even with the best team selected, we never simply expect things to happen; we monitor to make sure that things indeed happen and inspect workmanship for quality control.

  3. System training: with a quality system in place, it is now a good time to maximise the effectiveness of your system by learning how to use it and how to respond in an emergency.

  4. Project sign off: the closing is as important as the opening. We set up future routine survey and service contract in order for your investment to continue protecting you for years to come. Your home security deserves a continual professional care.

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