More About Guardian Forest Security
Who are you?

We are independent security consultants who care much for your security.

How are you different?

We do not profit from product supply nor install labour, so we can serve you as a true independent security consultant.

What service do you provide?

We assess your site for security risks and address those risks using security system. We manage for you the entire project from start to finish.

Security System Common Questions
Why do I need a security system?

Criminals survey for vulnerabilities. Robust security system is a potent deterrent against crimes.

What consists a robust security system?

​There is no golden measure, but here are some common components.

  1. It usually includes video camera, motion sensor, and access control system;

  2. If there are valuables, it may need reinforced glass, vibration sensor, and safe;

  3. For high risk case, it may need metal gate, panic room, and guard.

  4. We achieve robustness through synergy of the entire system.

Who will install the security system?

A selected installer amongst our pool of licensed vendors will supply and install. We manage the progress and quality of the work.

Why use your service when I can hire an installer directly?

Installer only installs. You should use our service if you want to:

  1. Identify previously unaware threats and risks through systematic consultation;

  2. Achieve peace of mind by optimised application of technology and physical measure;

  3. Protect your investment via tender, project, and quality management;

  4. Receive professional training and learn how to respond in an emergency.

Security Installer Common Questions
How do you select an installer?

We select based on track record, experience on the chosen products, and reasonable price.

Do you profit from installer’s quote?

No, we do not. Our service fee to you was pre-agreed before we start seeking proposal from installers.

How will I pay that installer?

As a part of our service and with your written authorisation, we can handle contract and payment matters for you.

Read about our security principles for an in-depth understanding of our company.

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